How to Navigate The Titanic Effect Blog

To the Titanic Effect followers: This is an exciting week for us. The printed copy of the book was released earlier this week! If you are new to the party, here is a brief video summarizing the book’s contents, with props from a few endorsers:

We have been writing a weekly blog since October. It has been a lot of fun and a good learning experience for us. We’ve creatively thought about how to package the book’s key contents in bite-sized morsels. To be honest, it is also a lot of work! But our followers have grown over that time. We hope this effort will continue to “scale” as the book gets out there. We also realized that the long scrolling list of blog topics online is quite a challenge to “navigate.” In fact, a newcomer might find it intimidating. Even a hard core follower might have difficulty finding that blog they liked on product/market fit, for example.

With that in mind and to celebrate the book launch, we are using this week’s blog to recap our blogs by category, with a brief guide to how to “consume” them. This is a longer blog than usual, but we wanted to be comprehensive.

The Recap is divided into 6 sections: The Book Project, the Four Oceans, and theTitanic/White Star Line. We’ve listed and bold-facedour recommendations for the must-read blogposts in each section. 

The Book Project. These posts that cover from the submission of the finished book to the publisher to its release.

The Human Ocean. Now we get into the real content of the book…and how the people involved in a startup can be great assets but also great sources of “debtbergs.” Our Human Ocean includes Founders, Investors/Advisors, and Employees. Here are some tips for founders specifically, as well as investors/advisors and those who support startups.

The Marketing Ocean. The Marketing Ocean includes the Segmentation, Positioning, and Implementation Seas. Each “Sea” has debtbergs that can sink the startup. The sequence below should help you navigate these hidden debts.

The Technical Ocean. This Ocean addresses how the startup moves through the progression of Seas from Validation through Design to Development. There is some intentional overlap with the Marketing Ocean—product/market fit, for example, happens at the interface of Marketing and Technical Oceans. 

Strategy Ocean. Our last Ocean is Strategy, with integration across Oceans and overall direction. Some topics are most applicable to certain types of startups. For example, the SaaS market trends is great for any startup with a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. We also have a couple specifically on metrics you should track.

The Titanic and White Star Line. The Titanicserves as a great metaphor for the book, complete with navigation, icebergs, and sinking. It also serves for some great history lessons and ideas on company history and strategy.

Also, we have had some nice opportunities to share our journey and ideas on Podcasts. Please have a listen to learn more:

·      The Daily Grind 

·      Startup Competitors 

Thanks again for following our ideas! We look forward to continue sharing content through the summer. As always, please feel free to share any feedback or suggestions in the comments below.