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Todd Saxton

Dr. Todd Saxton, Associate Professor and Indiana Venture Faculty Fellow at the IU Kelley School of Business, is an award-winning professor of strategy and entrepreneurship. Todd has advised, helped launch, and invested in hundreds of startups spanning life sciences, software, sports, consumer products, and services. Todd serves on the board of multiple entrepreneurial ventures, including VisionTech Angel Partners, the largest angel investing group in Indiana, and Diagnotes, a venture-funded health IT firm he helped found. He has published numerous book chapters and articles on corporate and startup strategies for success. Todd hails from New Jersey, and has lived in Virginia, the DC area, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Bloomington IN, with stints in England and Australia. He currently lives in Indianapolis, IN. Follow Todd:

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M. Kim Saxton

Dr. M. Kim Saxton has over 30 years of marketing and market research experience, working with large corporations, startups and medium-sized businesses. Currently, she teaches marketing at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. Her research on market segmentation, branding, and venture ecosystems has received national recognition. Kim is also an active angel investor and advisor to high-potential startups. She is a member of the advisory board of The Startup Ladies and PERQ. She also serves as an Associate Editor for the Journal of Advertising Research. Kim grew up in Florida, went to school in Boston, and has lived in the DC area, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, currently residing in Indianapolis, IN. Follow Kim:

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Michael Cloran

Michael Cloran is a serial entrepreneur serving as a founder in startups in aviation education, bond trading systems, internet services, children’s software, human-assisted customer interaction systems, robotic beverages, non-profit e-commerce solutions, and most recently, DeveloperTown. DeveloperTown is a design and development firm with over 50 creative makers who have worked with over 200 startups and larger companies to help build solid products and help steer them to market. Michael grew up in Ohio & Yugoslavia and has pursued new ventures in Illinois, Texas, Florida, Germany, New York, California and New Jersey before choosing Indianapolis, Indiana as the perfect iceberg-free place to raise his four boys with ship captain, Elyse. Follow Michael:

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