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The question we get asked the most after one of our workshops - “Where were you…?”

Upcoming Workshops

September 19 - Greater Lafayette Entrepreneurship Week 12:00-1:30pm, Matchbox, 17 S. 6th Street, Lafayette, IN

October 23 - IU Club of San Francisco, 6:30-9:00pm,

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Previous Workshops

August 2019 - SOPE Physician/MBA Retreat, Orange County, CA; Society of Physician Entrepreneurs - Greater Boston Chapter; Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, Indiana; Startup Ladies Study Hall Indianapolis - “The Titanic Effect Workshop”

June 2019 - Avoiding Startup Failure and Book Launch, DeveloperTown, 5255 Winthrop Ave, Indianapolis

May 2019 - Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, National Capital Chapter

April 2019 - Venture Club of Indiana - Investing in Startups? Don't Put Money into Sinking Ships! - “Navigating Uncertainty”

March 2019 - Purdue University: The Anvil and Entrepreneurship Capstone

November 2018 - 2018 AWARE: ACCESS Commercialization and Entrepreneurship Summit - “Building a Scalable Business Model”

August 2018 - The Startup Ladies Startup Study Hall - “Calculating Addressable Market: Understanding TAM and SAM” and Elevate Ventures Southwest Indiana Workshop - “New Venture Creation and Investing for Physicians”

April 2018 - IU Innovation & Commercialization Office Lunch and Learn - “Systematically Navigating Uncertainty and the Titanic Effect”

February 2018 - Inaugural MD/MBA Conference - “The Titanic Effect: How Hidden Debt can Sink Your Venture”

August 2017 - The Startup Ladies Study Hall - “What Is ‘Market Positioning’ And How Will It Lead To Sales?”

July 2016 - VisionTech Partners E3 Summit - “ Marketing Due Diligence”

 June 2016 - The Startup Ladies Study Hall - “The Titanic Effect: How Hidden Debt Can Sink Your Startup,”

July 2015 - VisionTech Angels Annual Meeting - “The Titanic Effect: How Hidden Debt Can Sink Your Startup”


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